2 February 2012

Non-pink Baby Dolls

I was just asked on Twitter to recommend a non-pink baby doll.

Most of the high street stores just seem have a sea of dolls in pink dresses, with pink furniture, pink prams and pink accessories to go with them. But I figured they couldn't be that hard to find on the web, so I went looking.

It turns out that most non-pink baby dolls are sold as baby boy dolls and are (obviously...) dressed in blue. Boy dolls generally come with anatomically correct genitalia, which is all well and good....

But what if you want a unisex doll that your toddler can assign a new gender to every few hours? What if... [pauses for gasps of shock and horror to subside] you actually do want to buy a girl doll, just not one that wears frilly pink?

My favourite of the non-pink girl options is this Gotz Doll. The babygro does have a pink stripe, but it's not too offensive. The dolls look cute, not scarily super-real, are made of organic materials and are suitable from birth. Gotz make dolls in a range of skin colours too.
Rubens Barn also get an honourable mention for a fab range of dolls which wear refreshingly non-gender specific colours. They even offer non-blue baby boy dolls!

Other options are:
1. Little Mommy Electronic Cuddle & Coo Doll (That pink bow WILL snip off!)

2. Beauty Club Baby Doll & Accessories - again, the only pink is on removeable accessories.
3. Vilac Petitcollin Baby Calin Doll - in unisex green (although worrying the doll comes "in 5 pieces"!
4. Little Mommy Bumblebee Doll - avoid the gender debate altogether, and dress the doll up as an insect...


  1. It's actually only relatively recently that we've see pink as a girl's colour & blue as a boy's. In Victorian times it was the opposite: pink was associated with the military & 'manliness'; blue with the Virgin Mary & 'feminine virtue'. So it's all quite arbitrary. We try not to get caught up in the cultural colour cliches with our b/g twins. Great website: more power to your elbow!

    1. It's true. Hard to believe now. I think you're wise to avoid the stereotypes. I know that at nursery the boys all seem drawn to the pink, and the girls to the cars and trains - they all just want variety and novelty!


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