21 September 2011

Kids Trends: Star prints

Star print is really on trend this season and works equally well for adults and kids. These are a few of my favourites:
Star Prints for Baby Girls
John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Mothercare
Trendy star prints for baby girls in every colour but not pink!

Pretty But Not Pink - Non-pink Clothes for Baby Girls

Toddler & Young Girls:
Star Prints for Toddler Girls
Gap, New Look, Cath Kidston, La Redoute, Star Kids
Trendy star prints for toddler girls in every colour but not pink!

Pretty But Not Pink - Non-pink Clothes for Toddler Girls
1. 3pk Long Sleeve Tops, Mothercare; 2. Star Print Top, Gap; 3. Star Print Dress & Leggings, New Look; 4. Shooting Stars Cotton Rucksack, Cath Kidston; 5. Star Print Hooded Parka, La Redoute; 6. Shooting Stars Wellies, Cath Kidston

Tweens & Teens:
Star prints for Tween & Teen Girls
Topshop, New Look, New Look, New Look, Brora
Trendy star prints for tween and teen girls in every colour but not pink.

Pretty But Not Pink - Non-pink Clothes for Tween & Teen Girls
1. Star Print Dress, New Look; 2. Star Print Bangle, New Look; 3. Star Print Pussybow Blouse, New Look; 4. Miss Sixty Kids Star Print Shoe, Amazon; 5. Star Print Converse, Sarenza; 6. Star Print Headscarf, New Look; 7. Starry Purse, New Look; 8. Liberty Print Skirt, Brora; 9. Star Ring, Topshop

19 September 2011

Magpie Monday: Window Shopping Part 2

Due to a combination of dodgy finances, lack of house space and impending Xmas doom, I am avoiding the charity shops and car boot sales at the moment except for essentials, like clothing for small one.

It's left me a bit short of inspiration for Magpie Monday this week, so I thought I'd write a joint post across my 3 websites and go window shopping online. The online charity shops not as cheap as shopping in person, but you can still get a bargain.

Pretty But Not Pink - Non-pink clothes for girls aged 0-14:
Cancer Research Online seems to have the best selection of girls clothing this week and the best stuff is for toddlers through to teens. If you're on the look-out for a girl's coat, there are some lovely options in traditional styles but funky colours - all brand new and £10 or under:
Missy in Love Coat
Angel Falls Purple
Leather Style Jacket
NEW! £8.00
Brit Island
Yellow Jacket
Missy in Love
Grey Checked Coat
I'm also loving these slightly offbeat dresses for young girls. Again, they're brand new at very reasonable prices:

Black Military Style Jacket
Last but not least... I might slip up and actually buy this one for the Tween. At £5 it's awful tempting...

To see the rest of my imaginary haul, visit MilkChic – Stylish Clothes for Breastfeeding Mums and Armed and Glamorous – Dresses and Tops with Sleeves. Or pop over to Magpie Monday and see what everyone else has been buying!

You can always see my latest vintage and sale girls clothing finds at Last Chance to Buy on Pretty But Not Pink.
Me and My Shadow

13 September 2011

Kids Fashion: Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

Inspired by our recent trip to Longleat, I've found a whole load of animal inspired bits 'n' pieces.

Has anyone else noticed the animal gender divide? Boys get lions and tigers and girls get bunny wabbits and fluffy kittens, ideally with added diamante and pink bows, as if they weren't twee enough already. Most of these items are pretty unisex but you won't find many in the girls' section, so it was nice to see Mothercare breaking the mould with an overtly girly giraffe.

Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!
John Lewis, Grobag, Mothercare, Mothercare
Non-pink girls (and unisex) clothing and accessories inspired by the zoo.
1.  Safari Collection Duvet Set, £11.99 - Dunelm Mill
2.  Monkey Wellington Boots, £7.99 - George at Asda
3.  Unisex Zebra Bodysuit, £8.00 - Mothercare
4.  Zebra Pyjamas, £8.00, Mothercare
5.  Cheeky Monkey Bootie, £19.00 - Selfridges
6.  Giraffe Applique Top, £7.00 - Mothercare
7.  Padded Walk In Sleep Brights, £7.50 - Matalan
8.  Animals Plate, £4.00 - Little Home at John Lewis
9.  Newborn Jungle Bibs 5pk, £5.99 - Mothercare
10. Giraffe and Sprout ride-on, £30.00 - Isme
11. Grobag Dotty Day Out Sleeping Bag, 2.5 Tog, £23.99 - Amazon
12. Trunki Tipu the Tiger Ride-on Suitcase (Limited Edition), £29.95 - Amazon
13. Graphic Rompers 3pk, £12.50 - Mothercare
... and the one I forgot to number:
Blue Zoo Baby Lime Green and Blue Elephant Sleepsuit, £8-9.00 - Debenhams

9 September 2011

Inside the mind of a tween girl... I wore this because...

I got a fascinating insight into the mind of a tween girl at the weekend. As her head poked around the bedroom door, the conversation went something like this:

Tween girl: Have you seen my cat or my panda cardi?
Me: I think the panda one is in the bathroom where you left it.
Tween girl: It's OK. I've found the cat one. It's better for today anyway.
Me: Why?
Tween girl: Well, with the lions and stuff... I don't want to upset them...
Me: Of course... Because lions are known for their fear of pandas...?
Tween girl: Are they really?
Me: Erm....
Tween girl: They'll be OK with the cat though?
Me: Erm.....

(c) Pretty But Not Pink
All rights reserved
In the end she went with turquoise shorts, Wonder Woman t-shirt (obviously), checked shirt (unbuttoned to show t-shirt) and cat cardi (zippable for quick reveal of cool tee / non-threatening design). This is a picture later in the day (shirt buttoned for warmth...).

Who would have thought that so much thought and consideration had gone into co-ordinating this look?!

We were very lucky to explore Longleat free while test driving the new Hyundai i40 Tourer. We all enjoyed both the day and the car, especially the panoramic sunroof, the highlight of Tween's day.
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