17 August 2011

Tights Please!

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This is a copy of a review I recently did for MilkChic - fashionable clothes for breastfeeding mums: I got all excited a few weeks back when I saw that Tightsplease were looking for reviewers for their kids tights.

I'm a big fan of tights - I discovered very early on that they are far more practical than socks, which either fall off or get pulled off within minutes of getting them on, wasting valuable playing time. I'm such a big fan that, should I have another baby in the future, they will be wearing tights regardless of their sex!

Two pairs of tights dropped onto our doorstep on Monday and small one was very excited (she knows just what to do with parcels now). It was when she pulled them out of the packaging and ran around the house with them before insisting that I put them on that I realised... it's August!!

I must admit I panicked. This is the first time I have reviewed a product that I haven't paid for myself. While I certainly wouldn't ever promise to write a positive review, it is common courtesy when a PR sends you a sample to write a review honestly and quickly.

Luckily, the weather is never boring here, and a day later I gratefully woke up to grey skies and a chill in the air - perfect tights weather!

So what can I tell you?
Wola Childrens Tights
The tights I received were Wola Children's Cotton Tights in Khaki (2-3yrs) and Wola Baby Cotton Tights in Peach (18-24m).

First impressions: It was lovely to see a choice of colours and not just pink. I have to be honest - the peach didn't really float my boat, although there is a benefit to neutral shades as it means that you always have one pair of tights to match any outfit. The khaki was unusual but lovely. It's a colour that looks good with brights and jewel coloured clothes (especially purple), and I can see it working with a lot of outfits this autumn.

Quality: The tights were lovely and soft with a smooth knit. I really appreciated the heel and foot shaping, which you don't tend to get on cheaper tights and which makes a big difference once they start to walk as it makes the tights fit better into their shoes. It's also nice to see cotton tights rather than man made fibres.

(c) MilkChic. All rights reserved.
Fit: Sizing is generous. Small one has only just turned 2, but is both tall and chunky for her age so I didn't really expect the 18-24m pair to fit at all. They were actually still a wearable size for her, although the feet were a little short on her size 6.5 feet. The age 2-3 pair were a good length with room for growth but thanks to the added elastane, not so baggy as to look ridiculous.

Durability: Small ones tights get a lot of hard wear and these obviously haven't experienced that yet, but they came through the first wash with flying colours - no runs despite the dark colour, they didn't shrink and they still had a nice texture.

Price: These tights are priced at £3.50 a pair. They are not the cheapest option (Primark sell 3 pairs for £3.50), but are a similar price to M&S or Mothercare and I do think the quality is excellent. These ones might actually live long enough to get handed down unlike most of ours, which are often crispy and shrunken after a couple of months.

If like me, you didn't even know Tightsplease sold kids tights, do take a look at their full range. They ship worldwide, and are available in a range of colours and sizes from newborn through to teens.

Disclosure: I did not get paid for this post but I did receive 2 pairs of tights for free. I follow the Britmums Blogging with Integrity Guidelines and always write as truthfully as possible about a product or company and disclose any perks I receive!

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  1. That is a lovely review! Hope you get to do many more in the future. And if you get ant pink shoes for reviewing my son is available on Mondays and
    Wednesdays ;)


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