9 September 2011

Inside the mind of a tween girl... I wore this because...

I got a fascinating insight into the mind of a tween girl at the weekend. As her head poked around the bedroom door, the conversation went something like this:

Tween girl: Have you seen my cat or my panda cardi?
Me: I think the panda one is in the bathroom where you left it.
Tween girl: It's OK. I've found the cat one. It's better for today anyway.
Me: Why?
Tween girl: Well, with the lions and stuff... I don't want to upset them...
Me: Of course... Because lions are known for their fear of pandas...?
Tween girl: Are they really?
Me: Erm....
Tween girl: They'll be OK with the cat though?
Me: Erm.....

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In the end she went with turquoise shorts, Wonder Woman t-shirt (obviously), checked shirt (unbuttoned to show t-shirt) and cat cardi (zippable for quick reveal of cool tee / non-threatening design). This is a picture later in the day (shirt buttoned for warmth...).

Who would have thought that so much thought and consideration had gone into co-ordinating this look?!

We were very lucky to explore Longleat free while test driving the new Hyundai i40 Tourer. We all enjoyed both the day and the car, especially the panoramic sunroof, the highlight of Tween's day.

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  1. That is a great look! Can't wait until I'm old enough to put together my own style!


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