15 November 2011

Non Chocolate Advent Calendars

If like me, you try to limit sweets and chocolate, this time of year is a bit of a challenge. I've been on a bit of a hunt, and here are my favourite non-chocolate advent calendars for younger kids and those with allergies.

Cheap & Cheerful:
For a young child, picture surprises are often just as exciting as sweets. Lidl and Aldi usually have traditional paper calendars at very sensible prices. Amazon also have a good selection under £2.50.

Something Special:
There are lots of pop-up and 3D options which are still traditional but a bit more special than a basic design:
Eric Carle Pop-Up Advent Calendar
Christmas Advent Calendar - The Townhouse - a cut-out advent calendar
Townhouse Advent

Non-Chocolate Gift Calendars:
At the lower end of the scale, sticker or colouring calendars are a great alternative to chocolate.
Advent Calendar to Colour
Advent Calendar to Colour
If you've got cash to spare, or want to spend on something with a bit more longevity, why not go for a calendar with toys inside? Playmobil and Lego have a great selection, but you can also find Ben 10, Bratz, Littlest Pet Shop and other designs at around the same price.
Reusable Advent Calendars:
Traditional felt and wooden calendars are a lovely investment and you can fill them with your own surprises year after year:
Wooden Train and Carriages Advent Calendar
Wooden Train Advent
Feeling crafty? There are lots of great ideas online or you can buy a kit to get you started.
Buttonbag Make Your Own
Advent Calendar £14.00
Clippykit house advent calendar not chocolate
Clippykit Home Sweet Home
Advent £14.99
3D Advent not chocolate
Clippykit Trim The Tree
Advent £14.99
For something completely different... why not try these advent crackers from M&S? Pull a cracker every day and slot together the 3D character inside. By Christmas Eve, you will have a full nativity!
Nativity Advent Crackers £20.00


  1. Love this list, I'd like to add orchardcards.co.uk that I have recently discovered. They have a fab selection of traditional, 3D and re-usable advent calendars. Definitely worth a look -


    1. Thanks for the tip. I'm updating the list at the moment so will add :)


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